Boston Red Sox defeat Los Angeles Angels, 8-3

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The temptation is overwhelming.

Go ahead, admit it. You're fighting it as you read this. You are thinking this series is over.

There's only one surefire way to keep the resurgent Boston Red Sox from jumping to that same conclusion as they head back to Boston with a 2-0 first-round division series lead over the Anaheim Angels: Get Bill Belichick in here.


New England's resident coaching genius, and certified expert on taking one game at a t...

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Remember this about Johnny Damon dubbing his happy-go-lucky band of brothers a bunch of idiots. He never meant their baseball IQ bordered on brainless.

Damon pictured his long-haired, corn-rowed, Harley-riding Red Sox pals more like manager Terry Francona views them: "A bit unique in a lovable kind of way."

Sometimes they go astray. They may catnap on the basepaths, as Mark Bellhorn did in the second inning last night when he strayed off second bas...

ANAHEIM, Calif. - "We have four dogs and five cats,'' John McNamara is saying over the telephone. "My wife, as you might suspect, is an animal lover. Anything in the damn street, she picks up and brings home.

"What kind of dogs? Mutts. One was a stray. Another, she pulled off the street, a puppy that was about to get run over. Another one, we got out of the pound. The last one is this little Maltese dog, who was abused by a breeder. Did you read about it? She had about ...