America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 3

During this episode, each girl was given a new look.

Some makeovers were drastic - Jennipher was told that her waist-length hair would be cut and donated to Locks of Love, and Amanda was transformed from a brunette to an ice blonde.

At the challenge, Norelle managed to put together the best natural-looking make-up and picked Eva, Kristi & Ann to accompany her at a party while the other girls did the chores and waited on them. Amanda freaked out because of the darkness outside and Yaya took the trash out with her, while Julie bonded with an Indian designer. For the week's photo shoot, each contestant was challenged to take a beauty shot for Nivea, without any make-up.

Throughout the episode, the girls began to see signs that Cassie may have had problems with body image and her weight. The girls confronted her at dinner about not eating enough, but she insisted that she was simply doing what she must to be a model. During the photo shoot, she told Amanda that she was bulimic. Word got around to the other girls, who became very concerned.

At judging, the girls reviewed the retouched and unretouched versions of their photos. Amanda wowed the judges when her unretouched photo showed barely any difference compared to her retouched one. Yaya, Eva, Nicole, and Toccara also received positive reviews, while Cassie had a lukewarm response. Kelle was criticized for blaming the photographer for picking a bad photo, and Tyra was disappointed with Julie after it was revealed that her motive for being on the show was not to launch a modeling career but rather to gain an edge in fashion manufacturing. Kelle and Julie landed in the bottom two, and Julie was eliminated because the judges felt she was only using modeling as a stepping stone to another avenue.

First call-out: Amanda Swafford
Bottom two: Julie Titus & Kelle Jacob
Eliminated: Julie Titus
Featured photographer: Troy Ward
Special guests: Kiara Kabukuru, Anthony Palermo, Leonard Zagami, Debra Jaliman M.D., Dr Zarabi, Danilo
CoverGirl of the Week: Yaya Da Costa

Title: The Girl Whom Everyone Thinks Is A Backstabber

You can shave my head off bald, and I'll still walk around her like I'm a goddess.”

— Toccara Jones