Helmet release Size Matters

Size Matters is the fifth album by Helmet, released in 2004 through Interscope.

It is the first new album since the band ended with a bitter break up in 1998. Page Hamilton, the band's founder and chief songwriter, is the only original member appearing on the album. Therefore, many purists object to it being called "Helmet" and consider it to be a Page Hamilton solo project. According to Hamilton, John Stanier (drums) and Henry Bogdan (bass) both declined the invitation to reunite.

Despite the purists' objections, the album carries on in the Helmet tradition with Hamilton's trademark staccato sound. The album was recorded as a three-piece with John Tempesta on drums and Chris Traynor (guitarist on the Aftertaste tour) on bass. After recording was done, bassist Frank Bello was brought in so Traynor could return to guitar.

Size Matters had one single in "See You Dead." The track "Throwing Punches" was also included on the film soundtrack for Underworld, and "Crashing Foreign Cars" was featured in the video game Need For Speed: Underground 2.