America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 6

Back at the apartment, Eva and Ann got fed up with Cassie's dirty dishes around the house.

Ann took a knife and wrote "Clean Your Shit" in Cassie's low-carb brownies, which angered Cassie. At dinner, Ann asked Yaya what her shirt meant("RESPEITO"). Yaya said it means respect in Portuguese. Then she said that she felt she needed to wear it because "there was a big lack of it in the house". With that, a fight broke out between Ann and Cassie. Tyra brought in her good friend supermodel turned plus-size model Kate Dillon, who talked about her battle with anorexia nervosa, and talked to the contestants about body image and self-esteem. During a one-on-one chat with Tyra, Kate and Joy Bauer, Cassie revealed she had thrown up in the past but she didn't consider herself bulimic because she didn't throw up after each meal. She did it at night when she thought she ate too much and shouldn't have gone to bed with it in her stomach. Tyra offered counseling for Cassie but she denied that she had bulimia.

For the challenge, the girls climbed up 14 flights of stairs, and as soon as they were done, they had to do a photo shoot. Yaya was the winner for running the fastest up the stairs, while Ann came in a close second. Yaya chose Toccara and the two shared a spa day on the rooftop.

For this week's photo shoot the girls posed for YJ Stinger Energy Drink while jumping on a trampoline. Amanda, Eva and Nicole were universally praised for their photos while Kelle, Ann, Cassie and Yaya struggled.

Kelle and Ann landed in the bottom two, both for their lackluster photos. The judges decided that Ann had more potential, and Kelle was sent home.

First call-out: Eva Pigford
Bottom two: Ann Markley & Kelle Jacob
Eliminated: Kelle Jacob
Featured photographer: Sascha Pflaeging
Special guests: Joy Bauer, Captain Leif Wade, Kate Dillon
CoverGirl of the Week: Toccara Jones

Title: The Girl Who Mutilated The Precious Brownies

I should have wrote eat some carbs...”

— Ann Markley