New England Patriots defeat New York Jets, 13-7

Fullbacks are dropping like flies.

The Patriots have lost the top two fullbacks on their depth chart, Patrick Pass, who was out of yesterday's game with a thigh injury, and Dan Klecko, who started at fullback and was assisted off the field in the third quarter when John Abraham hit him so hard it made Klecko cough up the ball for New England's only turnover of yesterday's 13-7 win over the Jets.

Klecko, who has an apparent right leg injury, caught the first pass of t...

It seems to happen every Sunday. That's the one thing opponents of the New England Patriots can count on these days. Something will happen.

You never can guess just what. You never can predict who or how or why. But the one constant in what has become a 21-game winning streak is that at some point the Patriots' opponent becomes a co-conspirator in its demise.

They do not overwhelm, these Patriots don't. Annihilation is not the Patriot Way. Knockout by velvet hammer i...

As the newspaper of record, we must inform our readers that yesterday's 13-7 Patriots victory over the New York Jets broke the NFL record for consecutive regular-season victories. The team has 18, 21 overall.

We also had to inform the participants.

"Is that right?" said Patriots wide receiver David Patten, who caught what held up as the winning touchdown pass from Tom Brady from 7 yards out with five seconds remaining in the first half. "I didn't know that. It is wha...

Beginning with his first practice at training camp in July, Corey Dillon was introduced to the code.

The Patriots' code.

"It's discipline and playing calm in tough and difficult situations," he said. "Those are the things that were emphasized. I picked that up the first day I got here. He [Coach Bill Belichick] stressed it."

The words were never truer than yesterday, when the Jets came close to upsetting the Patriots before losing, 13-7, at Gillette Stadium.