Boston Red Sox defeat St. Louis Cardinals, 11-9

What is it about Red Sox players hitting the foul pole late at night to win World Series games?

At 11:56 last night, Sox second baseman Mark Bellhorn clanged a two-run shot off Fenway's right-field foul pole to give the cartoon characters from Boston an unsightly, but effective 11-9 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in the first game of the 100th World Series.

Twenty-nine years ago it was Carlton Fisk hitting the left-field foul pole, and this time Bellhorn went t...

The last Red Sox manager who reached the World Series expressed a memorable measure of relief after his team survived Game 1 at Shea Stadium in 1986.

Had any of his moves blown up like a trick cigar, John McNamara said after the Sox edged the Mets, 1-0, "My body might be in the Charles River."

Terry Francona did all he could yesterday to avoid a watery fate by pulling on his uniform at 10:10 a.m. and preparing for the first World Series in the Hub since McNamara's So...

Larry Lucchino breezed into John W. Henry's office in Fenway Park yesterday afternoon carrying the newest ornament for the principal owner's desk: The William Harridge American League championship trophy, in which a golden eagle, brandishing the league banner, sits atop a silver baseball.

"People would ask me, `Who are you rooting for in the National League?' " Henry said.

"This is what I would do," he said, spinning the eagle like a weather vane. "St. Louis, or Hous...