Boston Red Sox defeat New York Yankees, 10-3

NEW YORK -- Every once in a while an Oscar winner gets up there and wings an acceptance speech because "I never thought I'd win, so I didn't prepare anything."

That's me. Right now.

Excruciating Red Sox losses, I'm familiar with, as both a fan and a writer. Game 7, 1975? Oh, yeah, I was there. Bucky Dent's home run? Yup. Can't claim that I eyewitnessed the Buckner game. I watched the fateful 10th inning in a Houston bar. I had just befriended a couple of locals and p...

NEW YORK -- Forevermore, the date goes into the New England calendar as an official no-school/no-work/no-mail-delivery holiday in Red Sox Nation.

Mark it down. Oct. 20. It will always be the day that Sox citizens were liberated from 8 decades of torment and torture at the hands of the New York Yankees and their fans. Boston Baseball's Bastille Day.

The 2004 Red Sox won the American League pennant in the heart of the Evil Empire last night. In the heretofore haunted B...

NEW YORK -- Just like that, they shocked the nation.

Just as they pictured it, they changed the course of baseball history.

And just like a dream, they dashed generations of heartache for New Englanders who longed to witness the one glorious triumph they staged last night in the October chill by the Harlem River.

In the greatest postseason comeback since the birth of the national pastime, the Red Sox completed a magical surge from a 3-0 deficit in the best-of-seve...