Boston Red Sox defeat New York Yankees, 4-2

NEW YORK -- Whaddya think?

Let him close tonight? He threw only 99 pitches and he was still pumping high-octane gas at the end. Curt Schilling might be good for a batter or two in a pinch tonight.

Tonight. How's that sound? Tonight. There's going to be some baseball played in Yankee Stadium tonight.

Here's one thing we know: Tonight won't be just any night.

Thanks to Schilling, the Red Sox already have made themselves a little history. With their 4-2 victory over ...

NEW YORK -- Baseball players become heroes only if they risk their lives for noble causes, like Ted Williams in the Korean War.

So don't even think about hailing Curt Schilling and the amazin' Red Sox as heroes. But whatever you call them, make it special because Terry Francona's band of history-defying rogues last night reached the threshold of the unfathomable.

Rising from the ashes of an ankle injury that will require surgery within 48 hours of his season ending, ...