Boston Red Sox defeat New York Yankees, 5-4

New England is at once sleepless, breathless, and full of hope.

David Ortiz and the Red Sox just beat the Yankees in two extra-inning playoff games on the same calendar day. This century-long Sox-Yankee show, featuring themes of revenge and redemption, moves back to New York tonight.

In perhaps the most thrilling and torturous postseason game in 104 years of Red Sox baseball, the Sox last night beat the Yankees, 5-4, when the mythic Ortiz singled home Johnny Damon from ...

No, Doug Mientkiewicz said, he wasn't the first Red Sox player to reach David Ortiz after another swing of Ortiz's big bat once again brought deliverance, and another day, to a season that refuses to end, bookend wins of historic length over the New York Yankees in a span of less than 24 hours.

"I ran out there," Mientkiewicz said, "but I had to get Johnny's hair out of my face."

Johnny Damon's hair will flow at least one more night, and the Red Sox will be in the Ya...