New York Yankees defeat Boston Red Sox, 19-8

With regard to the ongoing saga of the Boston Red Sox and their futile pursuit of one lousy little World Series triumph, I have always been of the opinion that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

This time, I'm not so sure.

Who among us needed this?

I speak not as an embittered scribe who boldly predicted the Red Sox over the Yankees in five (while hinting that a sweep would not be inconceivable), but as a baseball-loving citizen o...

Religious leaders prayed for the Red Sox to reach baseball's promised land. The mayor appealed for divine intervention. Even comic Jim Dunn led the congregants at the Comedy Connection last night in a prayer service.

So why did the Sox all but find themselves on death's postseason doorstep? Why was a team that opened the playoffs with such extraordinary promise one loss away from receiving last rites?

Blame the baseball gods, if it helps ease the heartache.

But th...

This time, the Red Sox really had them worried. The Sox and their fans were certain of it. They finally had the Yankees on the run. The Sox were better. Even thewiseguys in Las Vegas made Boston a favorite in the American League Championship Series.

But the Red Sox have been beaten senseless by those damn Yankees again, and the psychological toll threatens to shake the faith of a long-suffering Nation. How much more can New Englanders take?

The Yankees stripped the R...