America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 4

The remaining contestants got a lesson on runway walking from Miss J. The next day, they were surprised to know that they would be taking part in a fashion show for Heatherette which was a dream come true for Norelle because Heatherette was her favorite designer. Amanda was worried her night blindness would be her road to elimination because the runway was dark. Norelle stumbled in the runway, Eva stole the show with her remarkable runway walk and Toccara's sexy full figure stood out and she received the most applause but Eva believed Toccara got applause because her "titties were out". Amanda made a mistake by telling J. Alexander about her blindness and the girls thought she was exaggerating her blindness and was lying about it to get special treatment. But in the end Eva was chosen as the winner, and chose Kelle and Ann to share her reward which was a day on a yacht with America's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 winner Yoanna House.

Back in the house, Amanda's crystals (supposedly) went missing and she put the blame on Eva. This incident actually ignited a fight with Amanda, Ann, Jennipher & Eva after Amanda bumped into Eva by accident. Jennipher angrily pushed Ann out of the way. Ann warned Jennipher not to touch her again or she would "get knocked out"; however, Amanda later found her crystals after remembering that she hid them to prevent anyone from stealing them and later apologized to Eva for accusing her.

This week, the girls had a group photo shoot for Lee Jeans, wearing nothing but the product. During panel, the girls were challenged to walk in heels 2 sizes smaller and wear little pink dresses. Jennipher mooned the judges with her butt with "ANTM" written on both butt-cheeks. Kristi and Jennipher were called forward as the bottom two but in the end, despite a stellar portfolio, Kristi was sent home due to her lack of confidence.

First call-out: Cassie Grisham
Bottom two: Jennipher Frost & Kristi Grommet
Eliminated: Kristi Grommet
Featured photographer: Hyungwan Roo
Special guests: J. Alexander, Yoanna House, Danilo, Richie Rich, Heatherette
CoverGirl of the Week: Yaya Da Costa

Title: The Girl Who Sets A Trap

Toccara actually discloses to me that she thought she was going to win because she got a lot of applause. I'm kind of positive it was because your titties are out, girl!”

— Eva Pigford