New York Yankees defeat Boston Red Sox, 10-7

NEW YORK -- Of course he would be here.

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera understands duty and obligation. He has been the most dominant closer in baseball for the past decade, a lofty title that is impossible to achieve unless you are a person who is rich in confidence, poise, and responsibility.

Above all, a closer must be reliable.

Last night, in the face of tragedy and tears and unspeakable sadness, Rivera was exactly that.

Just hours after he buried his wife's co...

NEW YORK -- Tracing the tracks of their tears back to the ballpark in the Bronx where all the horrible things happened last October, the Red Sox returned to the American League Championship Series last night, fell behind, 8-0, then rallied mightily before again succumbing to the Yankees, 10-7.

Sox ace Curt Schilling, unbeatable most of the season, appeared to be suffering the effects of an ankle injury and was cuffed around for six hits and six runs in three innings, hi...