"Joe's Domage" by Frank Zappa Is Released

Joe's Domage is an album featuring music by Frank Zappa, posthumously released on October 1, 2004.

It is the second in a series of releases put together by archivist Joe Travers which started with Joe's Corsage (2004). This is an unconventional release which features neither a live recording nor studio material; the recording is simply a cassette recording of a rehearsal. The cassette recording was never intended for release; indeed, it was never intended to be archived after the rehearsals were finished. The release has been heavily criticized by fans (due to its unconventional nature and limited distribution, it has been largely ignored by the mainstream music press) for having poor sound quality, featuring few complete songs and little that isn't better heard on other records, as well as for a track listing that re-names songs, making it appear as though the release features several new pieces of music. The record does have its defenders: If one accepts the record for what it is, it is a unique and very interesting glimpse into Frank Zappa's working methods.