America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 3

The girls got their makeovers, and some were more happy then others.

Afterwards, Jay Manuel tested their make-up skills by giving the girls 15 minutes to apply make-up with one mirror, set of brushes, and palette between them. The winner, Yoanna, got a dinner with 3 friends (Sara, Xiomara, and April), while the rest of the girls shopped for, prepared, and served the dinner.

After the challenge, Shandi, who had complained about the heat of the room, collapsed due to exhaustion, causing the other girls to exert concern and aid in order to remedy the situation. She turned out fine, however, and vowed to make time for sleep and to eat as much as she could to prevent it from happening again.

For the photoshoot, the contestants were suspended over a giant hole in the building wearing Laundry by Shelli Segal. Catie struggled because she feared falling to her death, but went through with 12 frames beautifully. In judging, Shandi wowed the judges with her immense improvement. Both April and Yoanna once again did well, and Sara finally showed she was more than just a pretty girl.

Xiomara and Heather were in the bottom two, both for their unsatisfactory photos, but Heather was eliminated for her lack of versatility and experience, and coming across too mall-girl.

First call-out: Shandi Sullivan
Bottom two: Heather Blumberg & Xiomara Frans
Eliminated: Heather Blumberg
Featured photographer: Richard Dean
Special guests: Edward Tricomi, Joel Warren, Karima Casteneda, Julie Redfern, Mike Sharits, Mike Randi, Eric Niemand, Halle Bowman

Title: The Girl Who Can Cry At The Drop Of A Hat

I've never had this done before, so I'm just learning how to control my pain of toleranceā€

— Mercedes Scelba-Shorte