America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 1

The girls were picked up on a bus in New York where they met each other and started sizing up the competition.

They then met Tyra and went to their first runway show, which was held on a US Navy ship. Tyra commented, "They really didn't know what they were doing."

The first photo shoot was a Garden of Eden-themed nude shoot for Fresh Look contact lenses, in which the women wore only sequins and body paint. One contestant, Anna, decided not to participate because, she said, it would insult her husband and child back home. Another, Jenascia, overslept and arrived late for the shoot, despite other girls promises to wake the contestants when needed.

At panel, Camille, Mercedes, April, Sara, Heather and Shandi had pictures that stunned the judges, Yoanna's classic face was revered, and Bethany's bust was identified as a problem. Anna and Jenascia ended up in the bottom two. Though the judges were put off by the fact that Jenascia was late, they ultimately chose to eliminate Anna, the plus-sized girl of the cycle, for refusing to do the photo shoot.

First call-out: Camille McDonald
Bottom two: Anna Bradfield & Jenascia Chakos
Eliminated: Anna Bradfield
Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
Special guests: Ed Libby, Jim De Yonker, Mike Randy, Ian Jones, Yohanea Cepeda

Title: The Girl Who Overslept


Anna: Eve of the Sea
April: Asian Eve
Bethany: Eve of Winter
Camille: Bird Of Paradise Eve
Catie: Heavenly Eve
Heather: Floral Eve
Jenascia: Enchanting Archer Eve
Mercedes: Egyptian Eve
Sara: Medieval Eve
Shandi: Fairy Tale Eve
Xiomara: Eve of Temptation
Yoanna: Eve of the Night