Alice Cooper releases The Eyes of Alice Cooper

The Eyes of Alice Cooper is the twenty third album by Alice Cooper, that was released in 2003.

Although it has been said that the title is a reference to the 2000 documentary known as The Eyes of Tammy Faye, in October 2007, Alice said that was not the case. With this album, Cooper returned to his earlier hard rock sound, in the vein of The Last Temptation, and left the heavy industrial metal sound found in his last two studio albums. A notable fact is the album cover, which was released in four different versions, only differing from the color in Cooper's eyes. They are available in blue, green, purple and red.

In the 2010 Behind the Music Remastered on Alice Cooper, "Between High School & Old School" was described as "a modern Alice Cooper classic" for its return to the topic of school (a reference to "School's Out")