America's Next Top Model Cycle 1 Episode 3

All eight remaining contestants were given makeovers.

Giselle irritated her roommates because she overacted during it, while both Robin and Ebony were dissatisfied with the way their hairs were handled. After a lesson on how to achieve a clean look, the reward challenge involved doing the best job picking out and putting on makeup, which Elyse won, and got to meet some famous fashion people, including Max Tucci. She picked Adrianne and Nicole to thank them for help and wound up picking Robin by draw. Nicole decided not to go because she was "sick", but it was really because she wanted to talk to her boyfriend.

Later it was announced that each contestant would be posing with a guest model in the week's shoot — a snake. Robin, especially, was terrified by the snake, but most of the girls managed to take strong pictures. The day after the shoot, Adrianne was rushed to the hospital with severe food poisoning, and she later forced her way out of the hospital and back to the competition so as not to be automatically eliminated, impressing the judges. At panel, Ebony was criticized for the texture of her skin, and Nicole was ousted as she was deemed not committed enough to the competition.

First call-out: Shannon Stewart
Bottom two: Ebony Haith & Nicole Panattoni
Eliminated: Nicole Panattoni
Featured photographer: John Ward
Special guests: Karen Lepine, Jon Silverman, Max Tucci, Janice Combs, Constance White, Anand Jon, Derek Kahn

Title: The Girl Who Gets Rushed To The Emergency Room