America's Next Top Model Cycle 1 Episode 6

The five remaining contestants - Kesse, Robin, Elyse, Shannon, and Adrianne - were then told that they would be flying to the fashion capital of the world, Paris for the remainder of the competition.

In their hotel, Robin was picked by draw to sleep on the floor, much to her dismay. They had a lingerie shoot for Wonder Bra with male model (Brad Pinkert from Buffalo, NY) whom Shannon had a crush on, and each girl was given the opportunity to go on several "go-sees" to impress Parisian designers.

Adrianne was fazed after an unwanted encounter with a man who tried to reach up her skirt while asking him for a directions and had difficulty collecting herself. Kesse spent a little too much time visiting Paris, making her miss one go-see and Robin paid someone to accompany her, which she was admonished by the judges for. At panel, Elyse was praised for her go-sees while Kesse and Adrianne found themselves in the bottom two for not attending all of their "go-sees", and Kesse was cut for not demonstrating enough desire to continue in the competition, despite her high likeability, which brought most of the judges and contestants to tears.

First call-out: Elyse Sewell
Bottom two: Adrianne Curry & Kesse Wallace
Eliminated: Kesse Wallace
Featured photographer: Michel Haddi
Special guests: Pink, Brad Pinkert, Emma Mackie, Marilyn Gauthier

Title: The Girl Who Deals With A Pervert

I have beautiful tits....almost everyone that looks at my boobs are like, God they're so jiggly and beautiful....”

— Adrianne Curry