"Seven Deadly Sins Four Deadly Sinners" Premieres

Seven Deadly Sins Four Deadly Sinners is an anthology-style play compiled and written by Carry On... writer Norman Hudis and producer Marc Sinden, who is also the director.

It was originally devised by Sinden as a female rival to the RSC's The Hollow Crown and was the first anthology to have a permanent 'pool' of actresses from which four appear for the performance.

Norman Hudis (born 1923 in Stepney, England) is a writer for film and TV, he started his writing career on a local newspaper, the Hampstead & Highgate Express. When World War II broke out he joined the RAF and served in the Middle East writing for Air Force News. Like a lot of other post-war writers his first foray into entertainment was writing for camp concerts.

After the war Hudis decided to become a playwright, unfortunately only one of his plays "Here Is The News" met with critical success. This small success was enough to get him noticed by Pinewood Studios, who offered him a job as trainee screenwriter. During the two years he spent there he failed to get any of his screenplays into production.