America's Next Top Model Cycle 1 Episode 4

The seven remaining contestants were challenged to polish their acting skills.

The reward challenge, a line-reading challenge, was won by Robin, who took Kesse and Shannon to get a spa treatment. The other girls were left to clean the apartment while the spa experts came to them and gave them their spa treatments in the apartment. Ebony was angry with Giselle after she exhibited laziness by not helping the others clean, and asked the masseur for an impromptu massage instead. Ebony's girlfriend, Ka visited her and although most of the girls were polite and introduced themselves, Shannon and Robin chose to stay in their room and read the Bible, which Ebony took offense to.

The comercial was for Fresh Look contact lenses. At panel, while Kesse excelled, several girls were given harsh criticism for their performances. Adrianne was told that her accent was too strong, and that the judges barely heard her and Shannon was admonished for her awkward smile and lack of sexiness. However, she was safe from the bottom two, where Giselle and Ebony found themselves. The panel said that although she had amazing model potential, Giselle needed to become more self-confident. However in a shocking elimination, Ebony, the early frontrunner to many of the girls, was eliminated due to her awkward performance in the commercial and that the judges felt she had a chip on her shoulder.

First call-out: Kesse Wallace
Bottom two: Ebony Haith & Giselle Samson
Eliminated: Ebony Haith
Featured commercial director: Loren Haynes
Special guests: Jon Silverman, Alice Spivak, Tracy Staus

Title: The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy

Can you be a celebrity judge in our bedonkadonk contest right quick?”

— Robin Manning