Rivaldo's Faked Injury Gets Hakan Ünsal Ejected from Brazil/Turkey 2002 World Cup Group Match

Obviously I exaggerated the injury for the guy to be sent off.”

— Rivaldo

Simultaneously one of the funniest and despicable World Cup moments. During Brazil's group match with Turkey in 2002, the Samba Boys were awarded a corner. With Rivaldo demanding the ball, Hakan Unsal petulantly kicked it towards him, hitting the Brazilian on the leg. Rivaldo saw his opportunity. He collapsed to the ground, holding his face as though he had been hurt. What made it worse was the referee fell for it, sending off Unsal for his apparent misdemeanour. Rivaldo was later fined by Fifa.

Hit in the leg by a football - always nasty - Rivaldo felt the pain searing in his face. Referee Yung Joo Kim, seeing him clutch his head, sent off the ball-kicker, Hakan Unsal. Fifa fined Rivaldo £5,180. 'I'm calm about the punishment, and I am not sorry about anything,' he told reporters. 'I was both the victim and the person who got fined. Obviously the ball didn't hit me in the face, but I was still the victim. I did not hit anyone in the face! Nobody remembers what that Turk did to me. I'm not a player who fakes fouls.'