Mastodon releases Remission

Remission is the full-length debut album by American heavy metal band Mastodon. It was released on May 28, 2002 via Relapse Records and was re-released on October 21, 2003.

Most of the songs were written long before the album was recorded. "Workhorse" premiered live in Memphis in July 2001. "Trampled Under Hoof," "Trilobite," "Where Strides The Behemoth," "Crusher Destroyer," and "Mother Puncher" were all played on a WMFU radio show on August 7, 2001, and "Trainwreck" was written while Eric Saner was still in the band.

At the beginning of "Crusher Destroyer" is the roar of the Tyrannosaurus rex from the film Jurassic Park with Lex screaming her brother's name, "Timmy!," as they get attacked in the car.