Kate Middleton Catches Prince William's Eye Modeling a Sheer Black Dress for a Student Fashion Show

Back in 2002 at St. Andrew’s University, Middleton agreed to model a student-made outfit for charity.

The “dress” was a piece of sheer black silk that was intended to be a sheer skirt. The fashionista-in-training wore it hiked up as a strapless cover-up, though it didn’t cover much up.

Prince William, also a student at St. Andrew’s and a pal of Kate’s, had a front-row seat at the college fashion show. This is the moment that is widely believed to be the instant that his fashionable friend — suddenly seen from every angle — was viewed in a more romantic light by the royal spectator.

“If if is true that my design helped change the Prince’s interest in Kate from platonic to romantic as has been reported, then I am pleased to have played a part, however minor.

“I would never have imagined as i sat knitting this piece that one day it would be so important.””

— Designer Charlotte Todd