Jay-Z releases "Hovi Baby" single

"Hovi Baby" is a song by Jay-Z from his album The Blueprint²: The Gift & the Curse, released in 2002.

The song is produced by Just Blaze and contains a sample of the live version of "Diggin' on You" by TLC. Additional vocals are provided by Christy Love.

The song is mainly Jay-Z boasting of his success in rap. At one point he hints that only 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. might be considered as good rappers as he is.

“Ain't no livin person can test him
Only two restin' in heaven
Can be mentioned in the same breath as him”

No music video was made for "Hovi Baby", but the song was used in a Reebok ad, with the lyrics slightly altered.

The b-side of the single features a track also produced by Just Blaze, "U Don't Know (Remix)", featuring M.O.P..


1. Hovi Baby (Radio)
2. Hovi Baby (LP Version)
3. Hovi Baby (Instrumental)

[edit] B-Side

1. U Don't Know (Remix) feat. M.O.P. (Radio)
2. U Don't Know (remix) feat. M.O.P. (LP Version)
3. U Don't Know (remix) feat. M.O.P. (Instrumental)