Snoop Dogg Releases Album "Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss"

Paid tha Cost to Be da Bo$$ is the sixth album from rapper Snoop Dogg, released in 2002.

There were two singles releases that were followed by videos for TV promotion. Although both "From tha Chuuuch to da Palace" and "Beautiful" feature Pharrell, he was only invited to the latter video shot that took place in Brazil. They were directed by Bucky Chrome and Chris Robinson respectively, and also there are two street videos embedded in Snoop Dogg's Boss Playa - a day in the life of Bigg Snoop Dogg DVD, namely "Boss Playa" and "Pimp Slapp'd", both directed by Pook Brown, and there's also a third one made for the "That's the Shit", and a fourth one that can be seen in the Doggystyle porn DVD ("You Like Doin It Too") however these tracks are from the later unreleased project version of the album.

Thanks to the Brazilian eye-catching carnival-like scenes of the "Beautiful" video, the song became an instant hit and charted in almost every major country all around the world, helping the album to achieve Gold in 6 weeks and Platinum within four months. It reached the 60th spot on the LAUNCH Music Videos Top 100.