Robin Finck joins Guns N' Roses again

Shortly after the tour ended in 2000 he returned to Guns N' Roses, playing four shows with them in late 2001 followed by a brief tour of Europe and Asia in mid-2002 and a live appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

A planned US tour was meant to continue through the remainder of 2002 but was called off by the promoter after two cancelled shows led to rioting by fans

In November 2008 Guns N' Roses' long awaited album Chinese Democracy was released. Finck has a co-writing credit on the song "Better", which was later released as a single. He also played guitar on every track, performed 7 of the guitar solos and has additional credits for keyboards, arrangements and pre-production. He chose to remain with NIN after the album's release and, as of March 21, 2009, has been replaced as the lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses by DJ Ashba. The official Guns N' Roses website states that "Robin continues to be part of GN'R, by virtue of Guns' history and his involvement in Chinese Democracy".