Miley Becomes Interested In Acting

Cyrus became interested in acting at age nine, taking classes at the Armstrong Acting Studio in Toronto, Canada, when she and her family lived there for four years.

Her first acting role was as a guest star on her father's television series Doc, in which she played a girl named Kylie.

After gaining experience as an extra in her dad's television projects, Miley acted opposite him in a recurring role on his television series, "Doc."

Doc follows rural doctor Clint "Doc" Cassidy who has taken a position at Westbury Clinic, a small medical center in New York City. Doc is a young Christian bachelor from the mountains of Montana, who brings his small-town values and ideology to an environment that seems to lack familiarity with them.

Supporting characters include the doctors, nurses and other staff of Westbury Clinic; a 10-year-old orphan, Raúl García; and a young couple, Nate and Beverly Jackson, who live in the same apartment building as Clint.