Alice Cooper releases Dragontown

Dragontown is the twenty-second studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 2001.

Like Brutal Planet, the album displays a heavier style than many of his previous releases. The album peaked on Billboard's "Top Independent Albums" Chart at position #12 and on the Billboard 200 at #197, his lowest album chart performance to date (other than those albums that didn't chart at all).

It has been believed by many that the album is a sequel to 2000's Brutal Planet - although Alice has been reported to deny this.

The title song "Dragontown" mentions several characters from that album, such as the "wicked young man" from "Wicked Young Man", the "family of bones" from "Pick Up the Bones." and the lyrical hero from "It's The Little Things". While Dragontown is billed as the worst place on Brutal Planet, several songs are about Hell and who goes there, as opposed to the apocalyptic world of "Brutal Planet." The songs "I Just Wanna Be God" and "The Sentinel" are sung from Satan's perspective, as was "Gimme". "Sister Sara" deals with a nun who "lost her soul" ("Sister Sara / It's your penalty for eternity / Did you think that you were saved?"), and "It's Much Too Late."

Daug Van Pelt, editor of the Christian music oriented HM Magazine, likened Cooper to C.S. Lewis, stating that he "grabs the devil's microphone and attempts to spill his guts and reveal his wicked schemes." Van Pelt further states that "It's Much Too Late" exposes "unrestrained truth" in stating that "The road to hell is littered with nice guys and good intentions..." and likens "Sex, Death and Money" to [;&version=8; Proverbs 5 amd isn't really about 'Sex, Death, and Money, but talks against it, as the Bible states.

This is the first Alice Cooper studio album to contain no singles.