Yes release Magnification

Magnification is the twentieth album by progressive rock band Yes, released in 2001.

It was the band's first album of the new century, and their second with a full orchestra (the first being Time and a Word from 1970). It marks the band's last studio album to feature vocalist Jon Anderson, who left in 2008 because of health concerns, and the last until 2011's Fly from Here featuring new vocalist Benoît David.

Following the departures of guitarist Billy Sherwood and keyboardist Igor Khoroshev, and Rick Wakeman's decision not to rejoin the band, remaining members Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe and Alan White decided to fill the keyboard role with an orchestra, and hired film composer Larry Groupé to compose and conduct original orchestrations and musical bridges.

The album was re-released in 2002 as a limited and numbered 2CD set with alternate artwork; the second disc contains three live performances and a CD-ROM track with an interview, video of "Don't Go," and a live video of "The Gates Of Delirium". This album also features the only Yes song in which the main vocals are sung by Chris Squire with Jon Anderson on backing vocals ("Can You Imagine").