Pennywise releases Land of the Free?

Land of the Free? is the sixth album by Pennywise.

Produced by Joe Barresi, the album was released on June 19, 2001. After the massive commercial success of their previous album, Straight Ahead, Pennywise entered the studio in early 2001 to record a follow-up to Straight Ahead. Land of the Free? received positive reviews from critics and was another commercial success worldwide, reaching number 67 on the Billboard Top 200, and number 21 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart. "Fuck Authority" was released as a single to promote the album.

Although Land of the Free? contained the explicit track, "Fuck Authority", it did not receive a parental advisory label. This is because it was released independently through Epitaph Records and these typically do not include such labels. However, some sources claim that the album contains lyrics that could be "explicit lyrics", such as many online stores including and the on-line auction website eBay.

The text "JMT 67-96 R.I.P.", which is printed inside the booklet, refers to Pennywise's late original bassist Jason Matthew Thirsk, who committed suicide in 1996.