Go.com Switches To Goto.com

The Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG, pronounced DIMM-GEE), formerly known as the Walt Disney Internet Group and Disney Interactive Studios, oversees various websites and interactive media owned by The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries.

The division's Disney Online unit operates disney.com, which promotes the Disney theme parks and offers entertainment content intended for children. It also maintains an online presence for Disney's retail operations and it offers wireless phone and data services tailored to families. In addition, DIMG provides technical services for the ABC network, ABC.com and ABCNEWS.com, as well as top sports site ESPN.com, and DIMG distributes content to mobile-device users.

The Disney Interactive Media Group generates revenue mainly through advertising sales, sponsorships, subscriptions, and video game sales.

Go.com (also known as The Go Network) is a web portal first launched by Jeff Gold, and now operated by the Walt Disney Internet Group, which is a part of The Walt Disney Company. The portal includes content from ABC News, ESPN, and FamilyFun.com, all of which are associated with Disney and are hosted under a .go.com name. Along with TimeWarner's Pathfinder.com, Go.com proved to be an expensive failure for its parent company, as web users preferred to use search engines to access content directly, rather than start at a top-level corporate portal.