"The Isle" is Released

The Isle is a 2000 South Korean film written and directed by Kim Ki-duk.

The film was the fifth film made by Kim, and the first to receive wider international acclaim for his recognizable style. It also became notorious for being difficult to watch, with stories of viewers vomiting or passing out during the more gruesome scenes when the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

The Isle stars Seo Jeong and Kim Yu-seok as an unlikely couple who develop a love for each other despite the unusual circumstances.

"The Isle" is the sickeningly gory Korean film that made me unintentionally famous — as the queasy-stomached critic who staggered from the theater and blacked out in the lobby. (See the article from the New York Post's Page Six.) I can't recommend "The Isle" as a gastronomic experience, but believe it or not, as a film it's one of the most beautiful, evocative works I've seen.