Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal Releases "Uncool" in France

Quirky and experimental modern-rock mixed with 70's lounge, flavored with innovative fretless-guitar and synth-guitar.

Picture an urban metal band getting unruly at a karaoke bar, or Tom Jones singing with Mr. Bungle - that's Bumblefoot's "Uncool" CD. Riding the fence between romantic and hostile, classy and profane, like a musical take-off from the script of a future Austin Powers film. Intense yet lighthearted, entertaining with a hint of bottled-up anger, a fragile balance on the verge of exploding.
Some call him a "Frank Zappa for the next generation", others call him nuts. Take a listen to Bumblefoot and decide for yourself...

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Go
3. T Jonez
4. My World Is You
5. Crunch
6. I Hate Me More Than I Love You
7. Kiss The Ring
8. Delilah
9. Dominated
10. R2
11. Ronald's Comin' Back Now
12. Maricona
13. Mine
14. Heart Attack
15. Girl Like You
16. Finale
17. We Don't Care