"Hatten är din" Gains Popularity Through Animutation

Hatten är din (Swedish for "The hat is yours"), was a popular internet meme from 2000.

It is a flash animation featuring the music of Lebanese musician Azar Habib, the name of the song playing is "Habbeetik". The animation prominently features a hat, Swedish text, and an assortment of bizarre imagery.

The song became famous all over Scandinavia and commercial copies had been made without the creators' permission. It is often played in, of course, drinking parties. The Metro newspaper of Stockholm even sent a journalist to get an interview with Azar Habib. Habib was apparently very surprised by this mutilation of his song and the craze that followed, but he liked the idea.

While the meme was well-known in Sweden, it was also extremely popular elsewhere, particularly in the English-speaking world, where the animation was also known as Hatt-baby.[citation needed]

The propagation of the meme inspired the similar "Han teleporterar Taliban" ("He teleports Taliban") – another Swedish-phonetic lyricization of a foreign song, in this case by Daler Mehndi – and Ansiktsburk, based on Azar Habib's am tekbar el farha.