Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 is Released

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 is a 2000 head-to-head fighting game produced by Capcom originally released as a coin-operated arcade game for Sega's NAOMI hardware and later ported to the Dreamcast.

It is the second fighting game crossover involving characters owned by Capcom and rival fighting game developer SNK, particularly from their flagship fighting game franchises Street Fighter and The King of Fighters respectively (see SNK vs. Capcom), and the first game in this series of crossovers to be released for the arcades.

Capcom vs. SNK utilizes a "ratio" system, in that the "ratio" is a rating of a character's overall strength, ranging from 1 to 4. Teams of up to four can be assembled, but their combined ratios must equal and go no higher than 4. The gameplay uses the SNK-style four-button format. The player also has their choice of "groove", or attack meter. The SNK-Groove is based on Extra mode from The King of Fighters '94 to 98, while Capcom-Groove is based on the gameplay system from Street Fighter Alpha.

A fighting game that features characters from Capcom and SNK fighting games like the Street Fighter series and The King Of Fighters '94 series. Morrigan is in the game as a secret character and is the only Capcom character not from the Street Fighter series. Using their available blocks, players can choose up to four characters depending upon which ones are selected. Bosses take three blocks, characters like Iori, Ken, Ryu, Zangief take two blocks and characters like Sakura, Cammy take only one block.