UFC 27: Ultimate Bad Boyz

UFC 27: Ultimate Bad Boyz was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on September 22, 2000 at Lake Front Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The event featured the return of UFC legend Dan Severn, who faced Pedro Rizzo in a heavyweight bout. UFC 27 also featured the first UFC appearance of popular Pancrase fighter Yuki Kondo.

UFC 27 was the fifth straight UFC event to have not seen a home video or DVD release. The UFC's parent company, SEG, was incurring financial difficulties and would sell the UFC just three months later to Zuffa LLC.

While UFC 23 through UFC 29 remained unreleased, Zuffa began releasing UFC home videos starting with UFC 30. In 2007, FightDVD released these events in double DVD sets; UFC 29 was released in this fashion with UFC 30 due to the odd number of unreleased events.