Scorpions release Moment of Glory

Moment of Glory is a 2000 album by German heavy metal band Scorpions with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

All titles were arranged by Christian Kolonovits. At first the English composer Andrew Powell was asked to provide arrangements. As they would have reduced the orchestra too much, being only a symphonic accompaniment, both the Philharmonics and the Scorpions regarded the arrangements not to be satisfying. As mentioned by Klaus Meine, Michael Kamen was designated next for the orchestral material. After his declining to collaborate with Metallica for the album S&M, finally the Austrian arranger Christian Kolonovits proved to be the right collaborator. See the interviews with Meine and Kolonovits and pages from Kolonovits’ scores Michael Custodis, Moment of Glory - The Scorpions und die Berliner Philharmoniker.