Walter Matthau Dies

Matthau died of full cardiac arrest in Santa Monica on July 1, 2000, aged 79.

After undergoing heart surgery some years before, doctors discovered that he had colon cancer, which, by the time of his death, had spread to his liver, lungs, and brain. However, on his death certificate the causes of death are listed as cardiac arrest and atherosclerotic heart disease, with ESRD and atrial fibrillation added as "other significant conditions contributing to death but not related to [primary] cause..." His remains are interred in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Just under one year later, Jack Lemmon's remains were buried at the cemetery next to those of his friend Matthau, after dying from colon cancer and bladder cancer. After Matthau's death, Lemmon as well as other friends and relatives appeared on Larry King Live in an hour of tribute and remembrance; many of those same people appeared on the show one year later, reminiscing about Lemmon.

The Odd Couple is a 1968 comedy film written by Neil Simon, based on his play of the same name, directed by Gene Saks, and starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. It is the story of two divorced men – Felix Ungar, the neurotic neatfreak, and Oscar Madison, the fun-loving slob – who decide to live together, even though their personalities clash. Simon based the story on the observations of Mel Brooks living with a friend after his first divorce.