Rodrigo Bueno Dies

Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno (24 May 1973 in Córdoba – 24 June 2000 in Hudson, Berazategui Partido, Buenos Aires), mostly known as Rodrigo, was an Argentine singer of cuarteto music.

His nickname among cuarteto fans was el potro ("the Colt").

Rodrigo was born into the cuarteto scene, and met many famous figures (such as Carlos Mona Jiménez) through family connections. He left school in the 7th grade to join "Manto Negro", and started recording at age 15.

Rodrigo was popular in Córdoba and many other provinces, and made inroads into Buenos Aires middle-class audiences. He was the best-selling cuarteto artist in the late 1990s, and performed in the largest concert halls in the country (including Buenos Aires's Luna Park).

Among his famous songs are Soy cordobés ("I am from Córdoba") and La mano de Dios ("The Hand of God"), dedicated to Diego Maradona. Maradona mentioned Rodrigo in his autobiography, and covered the song himself in this 2005 TV show (changing the lyrics from third person to first).

Rodrigo never married, and his romantic life was extensively covered by tabloids. He acknowledged one son, Ezequiel Ramiro Bueno.

Rodrigo died in a car accident after a concert in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province. He was driving a Ford Explorer pick-up, with Fernando Olmedo (the son of Alberto Olmedo) riding as a passenger. Both were killed when the vehicle impacted the guard-rails located right after the Hudson toll booth.

Rodrigo's family, and many fans, have suspicions that the accident was provoked by another car, and blame Alfredo Pesquera for the deaths, with speculations that Rodrigo's manager (Jose Luis Gozalo) could have been involved as well. An Argentine court found Pesquera innocent, pointing out that a forensic enquiry determined that Rodrigo's blood alcohol content was higher than permitted, which would explain the accident. One judge dissented, arguing that there was evidence that Pesquera, who was driving his own car at a close distance, made a maneuver that forced Rodrigo to swerve strongly.