Omikron: The Nomad Soul is Released for the Dreamcast

In the end, when you take all of Omikron's various parts and add them together, the game doesn't amount to much.

The game's attempt to integrate multiple styles of play just doesn't work, since each individual piece is terrible when compared with other games from the respective genres. The game's intriguing story is simply hampered by all the design flaws, which make playing the game a little too frustrating and downright pointless at times.

Omikron received mixed reviews upon release. GamePro compared the landscapes to Blade Runner and said they were also reminiscent of Tim Burton while complaining the character models themselves were "murky and/or blurry". Both IGN and Gamepro agreed that the adventure aspects made the game worth playing and the fighting mechanics and FPS controls (for the time) weren't bad either. IGN added "[they] both become more entertaining and elaborate as the game progresses".

The futuristic electronic ambient score and rock soundtrack helmed by David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels, and Xavier Despas, was met with near-universal acclaim. Reviews among both critics and consumers hail the PC version superior to the DC version, as evidenced by comparing IGN's PC grade of 8.5 to the DC grade of 6.7 and consumer scores on Gamestats, which rates the PC version overwhelmingly more positive in comparison.

The DC port's inferiority was cited to have been plagued with bugs, have extended loading times and hiccups, shoddy voice and effects quality, an awkward control scheme, and instances of lazy porting (IGN stated that in the intro, Kay'l "is contacting you through your computer, while the sub-titled text reads "Dreamcast").