Chicken Run is Released

Chicken Run is a 2000 stop-motion animation British film made by the Aardman Animations studios — the production studio of the Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit films.

The first full-length feature from Aardman Animation is immensely satisfying, a divinely relaxed and confident film that credits youngsters' interest in a cartoon more substantial than the standard bland musical. The movie employs modeled latex figures to tell the story of a group of chickens desperate to escape from a chicken farm before they are turned into pies. Nick Park, who also directed the fabulous Wallace and Gromit shorts, transfers all of the deftness and imagination of his shorter films into an artful big-screen realization. And this briskly paced epic uses Peter Lord's continuing satirical take on British modesty and balmy superiority. ''Chicken Run'' parodies cultural touchstones from ''Stalag 17'' to ''Star Trek'' to the loose-cannon heroics of Mel Gibson, the voice of Rocky, the matinee-idol flying rooster who is asked to teach the hens to fly. Finally, it shows that the hens can save themselves through the pluck of Ginger (Julia Sawalha) and doesn't make a big deal of this. — Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times