Ice Cube Releases "War & Peace - Volume 2 (The Peace Disc)"

War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc) is the sixth studio album by American rapper Ice Cube.

It is the second disc from the two-disc album War & Peace, the previous volume of which was released in 1998.

It went straight in at #3 on the first week of its release in Billboard Charts.

The album starts off with Hello which features former N.W.A bandmates Dr. Dre and MC Ren.

The club song You Can Do It (Put Your Back Into It) which then later, re-released in 2004 was a UK #2 for Cube.

The album wasn't promoted that well and other new artists such as Eminem and Dr. Dre's 2001 were on top of the charts. It took 6 years for Ice Cube to release his next solo album which is his album comeback Laugh Now, Cry Later.

"Until We Rich" is a single by Ice Cube featuring Krayzie Bone, from Ice Cube's 2000 album, War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc). The song conveys the message that the most important things in the world are health and life. The beat, produced by Carl "Chucky" Thompson, contains a sample of "Show Me" by Glenn Jones that was also used in Queensbridge rapper AZ's Pieces of a Man album track "How Ya Livin" featuring Nas.