Extreme Sports with the Berenstein Bears Released for the Gameboy Color

Calling this game "extreme" is like calling this game "crappy." Both of them are way too kind.

The game has four events: sledding, kayaking, biking, and skateboarding. All of them contain the exact same amount of extreme-- a teddy bear slowly moving past rocks in a race to humiliate whoever gets caught playing it.

I just knew from the moment I switched this game on and saw a long, long, long animation of the Berenstain Bears family driving slowly along the countryside in the family car that this extreme game wasn't going to live up to its name. Oh, sure -- I also knew that some time before that as well, but I was hoping it might at least be silly fun.

And it almost was. There unfortunately is no link play, tricks and stunts aren't great bliss (you can only do a stunt off a ramp, so it's generally just a top-down racing game and little more), and over it has an unfinished feel of the modes (there's not even a loser finishing screen at the end of a circuit, and when you do place, the great big winning celebration is a still of your bear holding a trophy. Then, game over.) Still, the expectations are so low for a Berenstain Bears extreme sports game that almost anything might be a surprise, and the game does have an enjoyable racing engine going here. They just tweaked this mutha' out to the max in terms of difficulty, so whatever simple pleasures it has to offer are lost in the tracks. Brother Bear got a raw deal.