October 2000 events

The October 2000 events is a term used to describe several days of protests in northern Israel that soon escalated into clashes between Arab citizens of Israel and the Israeli Police.

The disturbances began after Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip launched what is now known as the Second Intifada. In the solidarity demonstrations held by Arab citizens over a period of several days at the beginning of October, clashes with the police and Israeli Jewish citizens, led to the deaths of 12 Arab citizens and one Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, who were shot and killed by the Israeli police, and one Jewish citizen who was killed by a rock thought to have been thrown by an Arab citizen.

Israeli media outlets generally refer to the events as (אירועי אוקטובר 2000) "The October 2000 Riots" or "October 2000 Events" while Arab citizens of Israel sometimes refer to it as (هبة أكتوبر) "The October Ignition." The Or Commission was established to investigate the root causes for the events of October 2000, and specifically, the police response to these events.