Nissan Bassara is First Produced

The N30 Bassara was a MPV manufactured from November 1999 to June 2003 at Nissan's production facility in Tochigi, with the second generation at the Kyushu plant.

The name is derived from the Sanskrit word "Vajara", which means "the prize or object of desire that encourages someone to yield to temptation." The Bassara competed with the Honda Odyssey (Japan-spec) and the Toyota Gaia. It shared a platform with the Nissan R'nessa and was replaced by the Nissan Presage in 2003.
A trim level called the Axis was offered with a performance image. Other trim levels were offered called J, J Splendens, Highway Star, V, V touring, X, X Leather Package, Luxury Package X, and the X Touring.

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BASSARA put on the market in November, 1999 is using PRESAGE as the base. It is a minivan adhering to clear individuality, such as interior design with a style with presence, high-quality feeling, and comfortable indoor space.

As for appearance, adoption of a large-sized bumper and a smoked plating grill is expressing the premonition of dynamism. By the two-tone coloring of a dark gray and a warm gray, interior design directs the high-quality interior of a room. Sporty space was expressed by making meter, a gearshift, etc. into a carbon tone.

Sheets are three sequences and can choose 7/8-person riding. A various sheet arrangement is possible by the combination of the long slide of a second sheet, and a multi-rise (horizontal splashes raising) of a third sheet. Furthermore, while adopting different hardness urethane as a front sheet at all car sheet backside parts and raising hold nature more. The angle adjustment formula arm rest was equipped.

As for engine, two kinds, In-line 4 2.5L. DOHC and V6 3L. DOHC, are set up. Transmission is 4 speed AT only. A drive system are FF or a full-time 4WD. As safe equipment, EBD (electronic control braking power distribution system), ABS, brake assistance, etc. are equipped standardly.