Testament Releases The Gathering

The Gathering is the eighth album by thrash metal band Testament.

Stylistically, this is much faster, heavier, and more thrash metal-based than the previous album Demonic. The over-all sound and general lyrical tone is darker in scope than previous Testament albums. Chuck Billy uses some of his most aggressive vocal approaches, and multiple songs contains sections of death grunts. He also stated the speed of the songs was also influenced by Eric Peterson's playing in his black metal side project, Dragonlord, which is why this album is more up tempo than the previous album.

This album also boasts an all-star cast, featuring James Murphy, Steve DiGiorgio, and Dave Lombardo with Peterson and Billy.

It reached # 48 of the German album charts.

Track Listing

1. "D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)" – 3:34
2. "Down for Life" – 3:23
3. "Eyes of Wrath" – 5:26
4. "True Believer" – 3:36
5. "3 Days in Darkness" – 4:41
6. "Legions of the Dead" – 2:37
7. "Careful What You Wish For" – 3:30
8. "Riding the Snake" – 4:13
9. "Allegiance" – 2:37
10. "Sewn Shut Eyes" – 4:15
11. "Fall of Sipledome" – 4:48
12. "Hammer of the Gods" – 3:11

"Hammer of the Gods" is an instrumental bonus track.