David Cone Pitches a Perfect Game

David Cone was simply perfect on a day when perfection was in attendance.

The original battery of the 1956 World Series perfect game were on hand as it was Yogi Berra Day in Yankee Stadium. Batterymate Don Larsen was on hand to throw out the first pitch of the game and Cone provided the fireworks for Berra, Larsen, and Yankees fans.

The sweltering afternoon of July 18, 1999, was Yogi Berra Day in the Bronx, and there was Don Larsen throwing out the ceremonial first pitch to his former battery mate as a re-creation of Larsen's perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1956 World Series. Two hours, sixteen minutes and 27 consecutively retired Montreal Expos later, there was David Cone, collapsing to his knees. Having been on the receiving end of the 16th perfect game in Major League Baseball history, catcher Joe Girardi did his best Berra, embracing his pitcher with a hug before the team engulfed both of them.