"It's About the Money!: How You Can Get Out of Debt, Build Wealth, and Achieve Your Financial Dreams" is Published

Reverend Jesse Jackson and his congressman son form the most powerful one-two punch for human rights.

In It's About the Money! they take that fight from the police jails and picket lines to Wall Street and the wallet. In an era when many Americans think that playing the lottery is a surer bet than investing in the stock market, the Jacksons demystify the often confusing world of economics and empower the average citizen to achieve a more secure financial future. With information on money management, debt elimination, home mortgages, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, the Jacksons provide the reader with the factual armor to guard against monetary uncertainties of the future.

Living in capitalism without understanding the role of money is like a fish that doesn't know how to navigate water. In our modern economy, capital is the equivalent of water to fields. With it comes the possibility of growth, without it little can survive.”

— Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr.

The Reverend Jackson and Congressman Jackson believe that the message contained in It's About the Money! is the fourth step in the movement to freedom.The first three (emancipation from slavery, ending legal segregation, securing the right to vote) laid the basis for
the most contemporary stage: access to capital and financial independence. It's About the Money! includes many inspiring stories of people who have learned how to manage their money, save on a regular basis, and plan for the future by building a nest egg.