Danzig releases 6:66 Satan's Child

6:66 Satan's Child is the sixth studio album from Danzig.

It was released in 1999 on E-Magine Records.

6:66 Satan's Child has a mostly industrial metal sound. It was the first Danzig album to be produced using digital recording methods. As with its predecessor Blackacidevil, several songs include effects-treated vocals.

The lyrical themes on the album include pain, evil and death. "East Indian Devil (Kali's Song)" was written about the goddess Kali.

Glenn Danzig originally wrote "Thirteen" for Johnny Cash, whose acoustic version appears on his 1994 American Recordings album. Danzig's own version of "Thirteen" is gothic blues in style. The song is a mournful dialogue of a life blighted by bad luck and misery. Danzig's version is featured as the opening song in the 2009 film The Hangover.

A remixed version of "Belly of the Beast", called "underBelly of the Beast", appeared on the soundtrack to The Crow: Salvation in 2000. A remix of "Unspeakable" appeared on the soundtrack to the Grub Girl pornographic movie.