U.S. Embassies Bombed in East Africa

During the mid morning around 10:30, trucks packed with between 3 and 17 tons of explosives were parked in front of the U.S. embassies of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya.

These two East African cities witnesses the near simultaneous detonation of these explosives. In Nairobi, there were 213 people killed, along with approximately 4,000 others wounded. The casualties included 12 Americans, much less than what was intended by the operatives that carried out the attack. The Dar es Salaam blast killed 11 people and wounded 86 others. The majority of those killed or injured were local civilians. A group calling itself the “Liberation Army for Holy Sites” claimed responsibility, but we know the actual organization of the plot was linked to the emerging militant group al-Qaeda.